My main goal in our future breeding is to breed mentally healthy dogs who are fun, functional and healthy! I cherish the breed standard and I want that when i go hunting with my ESS i want it to look at a healthy and sporty individuals! My goal in breeding is to make dogs that can go in the show ring with pride also be useful to a hunter and make a statement in tests and trails as well as in the show ring! I want brain and beauty! I also want to breed dogs that are kind, mild and social, that i can bring anywhere and they'll just "go with the flow"!
Giv the same value to every little bit of the dog! I LOVE my breeds and the only thing I want for my breed is success and love! Easy said, not so easy done. But i promise you that i will do my very best!

Our puppies are not sold on a first pick basis. I choose the right puppy for the right home, but you are of course welcome to express your thougts.

But after all, I live with the puppies from birth until they leave for their new homes, and get to know their personalities. First and foremost I breed for myself, and always intend to keep one or two puppies. I will not decide which puppy(ies) to keep until the puppies are about 5-7 weeks old.

We feed our dogs Acana since 2016. And we are very pleased with this food.

All our puppies will be delivered with Acana puppy packages and we hope the puppies can be given this until they are old enough to change to adult food. Preferable still feed With Acana as adults also.