About Us

My name is Renate Hæg. I live in Mo I Rana, a small town in the north of Norway. I live here with my husband Martin Strand and our dogs. I grew up with Golden Retrievers. When I turned 10 I got my first own Golden, named Ricco. When I was 16, I got a little mix dog that I trained agility, obedience and freestyle with. When Martin and I decided to get another dog, the choice was easy, it had to be a Golden Retriever! With him I trained obedience and agility among other things. We also trained rescue-service and NBF track. 

A little bit from my "dog-world"

In 2010, I took the Figurant Education for Mental Testing, functional analysis and character-test in Norway.

We feed our dogs Acana since 2016. And we are very pleased with it!

We are very pleased With Provit as well.  


x Pågår-CANIS-Klikker instruktør kurs.

x Figurant for MH,K-test og FA. 

x Rally lydighet-kurs.

x Hverdagslydighets-kurs.

x Blodspor

x (NBF)-Sporkurs. Instruktør Rolf-Rune Solhaug (Canis)

x Ernæringskurs.

x Klikkerkurs.

x Valpekurs.