The Australian Shepherd

In my eyes and mind the Australian Shepherd also called the "Aussie" is a fun, full of life and happy working dog. They are active, strong and without a doubt beautiful! I expect my aussies to be social, strong headed, good hearted and happy.

The breed has so many sides and qualities you can't even imagine where to begin or where to stop. I got my first Aussie in 2016. I have looked at the breed for a long time and it have always caught my eye in the showring, on mental tests and other sports. I have learned so much about the breed aspeshaly after I got my very own. She is everything i look for in my Aussie and to top it off she is gorgeous!

My favorite quotes from the breed standard:

" HEAD: The head is clean-cut, strong, dry, and in proportion to the body. The topskull is flat to slightly rounded; its length and width each equal to the length of the muzzle. The muzzle is of medium width and depth and tapers gradually to a rounded tip, without appearing heavy or snipey. Lips are close fitting, meeting at the mouthline. The toplines of the muzzle and topskull appear close to parallel. The stop is moderate but well defined.

EYES: The eyes are very expressive, showing attentiveness and intelligence. 

NECK AND BODY: The neck is firm, clean, and in proportion to the body. It is of medium length and slightly arched at the crest, setting well into the shoulders. The body is firm and muscular. The topline appears level at a natural four-square stance. The bottom line carries well back with a moderate tuck-up. The chest is deep and strong with ribs well sprung. The loin is strong and broad when viewed from the top. The croup is moderately sloping.

GAIT: Smooth, free, and easy, exhibiting agility of movement with a well-balanced natural stride. As speed increases, both front and rear feet converge equally toward the centerline of gravity beneath the body. The top line remains firm and level. When viewed from the side the trot is effortless, exhibiting facility of movement rather than a hard driving action. "


Read the full standard here